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Best Fetch Toys for Dogs

Exercise is very important for both you and your dog. 💪 We learned in elementary school how important it is to exercise. When you work up a sweat, it boosts your mood. 😃 Most of us need to slim our waistline. Along with an apple a day, exercise can keep the doctor away. Well, the same is true for your dog and his exercise. He needs exercise to be his happiest and healthiest.

Here are some reasons why your dog needs to get their workout in.

  1. Exercise decreases anxiety in dogs – Lack of exercise can help lead to anxiety-based conditions. Without exercise and mental stimulation, your dog can easily get attention-seeking and destructive behaviors.
  2. More exercise leads to less aging – You can’t prevent him from getting older, but you can help keep his mind sharp and help fight age-related diseases. Senior dogs need to stay active, but certainly not as much as a puppy. Get advice from your veterinarian about the types and amounts that are appropriate for your senior dog.
  3. Exercise will strengthen your bond – Lack of exercise can impact your animal’s health and yours. Once the exercise is a shared activity, your bond will strengthen. Your dog can be your best exercise partner, they won’t complain or cancel on you.
  4. Your joints are happier when they’re active – Age appropriate, safe exercise is one of the best ways to keep your dog’s joints and yours healthy. A good weight will prevent excess pressure and exercise will ensure the joints state lubricated while strengthening supporting muscles.
  5. Their mind needs a workout – You probably haven’t taught him anything new since he was a puppy. An exercise routine doesn’t just provide a physical work out, it also provides valuable mental stimulation.

Dogs of any age or size love to play fetch. Fetch toys aren’t just plain frisbees and balls anymore. With the right fetch toy, the two of you can enjoy hours of fun.

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Here’s a list of some fetching and chasing toys that your furbaby will no doubt enjoy.

Chuckit! Tennis Ball Launcher (via Amazon) – Great for backyard use. With the ball launcher, you will be able to throw the ball out of the ballpark over and over without throwing your arm out. It gets better, you don’t even have to bend over to get the ball. It comes with one tennis ball, a bright colored rubber ball that bounces high and allows high visibility for pet parents and pets. You can also use standard tennis balls. With practice, you can sling a ball up to 140 feet. After a few of those fetches, your dog will definitely be tired out. To pick the ball up without bending over for it, simply place the claw over the ball and press down. It will snap around the ball and hold on.

Chuckit! Indoor Ball Dog Toy (via Amazon) – You can still play all day if it’s raining, too hot or too cold outside! This toy has the bounce that drives dogs wild but features a lightweight design to protect indoor surfaces. This takes your fetch game to a whole new level. It has a durable multi-layer construction for aggressive chewers. Rolls easily on tile or hardwood floors. Small dogs can easily carry with it’s soft, chenille fabric exterior. Durable for long-lasting use. Comes in bright orange and blue colors for high visibility.

Kong Flyer (via Amazon) – The durable Kong rubber makes for a soft, safe catch during fetching. It also delivers a dynamic rebound in case your dog misses the initial throw. Your dog’s love of fetch will take flight with a safe disc for tons of healthy activity. The Flyer is safe for teeth and gums. Comes in small and large sizes. The natural rubber is non-toxic. The flyer is 9” in diameter and is for dogs up to 85 pounds.

West Paw Tizzi (via Amazon) – Perfect for reward-based training. Tizzi is a treat dispensing dog toy. Great for tug-of-war or fetch. Easily hide treats inside its hollow center to keep dogs stimulated and entertained. It floats, bounces, and goes in the dishwasher for easy cleanup. Stands up to roughhousing. Meant for supervised, interactive play. Comes in two sizes, small 4 ½” and large 7”. Certified safe and guaranteed to last. FDA compliant. Perfect for play in grass, snow, and water because they come in bright, easy to spot colors.

ProBall Go Frrr Slingshot Action Dog Fetch Toy (via Amazon) – Allows you to exercise your dog more, but without wearing your arm out. Launch over and over without throwing. It launches like a slingshot. Balls will float in water and are fun, safe, and non-toxic.

Chuckit! Amphibious Bumper Fetch and Float Toy (via Amazon) – Ideal fetching and floating toy for water-loving dogs. Comes with buoyant memory foam and rubber construction. With a non-slip, knotted handle, it allows pet parents to keep a firm grip to direct throws. Durable for outdoor use. For comfortable carrying and catching, the toy’s soft nylon exterior is gentle on your dog’s mouth. Easily spot the toy with its bright orange and blue colors. Available in small and medium sizes.

  • WestPaw Zwig With Zogo Flex Echo (via Amazon) – A durable dog stick that will delight dogs in all stages of life. The fetch stick is squishy, bendy, easy to grip or hold between paws. This lightweight toy is fun to throw and has a hollow center for chewers. FDA compliant and latex-free. Comes with a Love It Guarantee. You can motivate your pet to run and play hard with this stick that won’t damage or splinter the inside of his mouth. Dishwasher safe, free of toxic materials, and made in the USA.
  • Kurgo Skipping Stones (via Amazon) – Your dog can get a playful and healthy work out in the water with these skipping stones. These floating toys are shaped like stones and you can skip them over the water and wait for your dog to bring them back. Then, repeat. Even after a good chewing, they still float well. Dishwasher-safe and non-toxic. Easy to spot with their bright, neon colors. Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • PetStages Orka Flyer (via Amazon) – This alternative chew dog toy is made from orca material. It’s tough in performance, yet easy on your dog’s mouth. Made for power chewers. Helps reduce any distractive behavior caused by boredom. Reinforced with raised diamond textures and inner ribs. It’ll stand up to tough chewing while keeping your dog satisfied. Provides hours of fun for both your dog and you. Easy on teeth and chewy, but tough and durable. Easy to grip and throw. Great for hours of playing fetch.

Chew King Glowing Fetch Balls – When the heat is roaring and it’s just too hot to go play during the day, this glow in the dark fetch ball compensates. It’s easy to find in low light conditions. This dog toy is vet recommended and made using only thoroughly tested pet safe materials. They are fun, durable and with the right size, are designed to outlast the most super chomped fetch play. If your dog is a heavy chewer, consider a larger sized toy. Parts of this toy can be a choking hazard for pets and children. If parts get loose, throw away immediately. Safety air vents keep your pup’s tongue from getting stuck.

Chuckit! Flying Squirrel – Aerodynamic flying squirrel frisbee spinning toy is great for backyard or park fetching. Buoyant material and lightweight makes for fun at the lake. This durable toy is designed to withstand tossing and chewing. The curved sides allow your pet to easily retrieve it as well. Glows in the dark for play at night. Enriches the human-animal bond. Comes in bright colors so it’s easily seen. A visually exciting alternative to regular frisbee. Four bright orange paws that are eye-catching. Easy to throw, and the pet parent can easily sling it by the paw and send it soaring. Made of durable canvas for rugged play. Great for a dog float toy in the water. Available in small, medium, and large sizes.

Chiwava Squeaky Standing Stick Animal Toys – Come in a three-pack – funny long body chicken, frog, and pig. These 9” latex rubber dog toys are easy to wipe clean and make a soft chew squeaky sound. Interactive fetch play for small and medium dogs. They are non-toxic and come in bright orange, pink, and green colors. Have cute, funny animal faces. Stretches and tugs without breaking because of rubber material.

These toys are so much more exciting than dog toys were just a few years ago and are sure to make your doggo want to get out and have fun!

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